Sea Casino Varna

S Seaside Casino - Varna is located in the emblematic Sea Garden of the city, which includes over 820 decares of green area along the sea shore. Monthly, the Sea Garden welcomes over half a million visitors.

From 2015 onwards, there is a process for the complete renovation of the Seaside Casino.
• On average, daily around 5 to 25 000 people pass the casino.
• Almost all the areas of the building have a wonderful sea view.

Seaside Casino - Varna is located about 100 meters from the beach of Varna, in the heart of the Sea Garden and is declared as a monument of the urban and park art.

Морската градина е един от символите на града, обявена за произведение- паметник на парковото изкуство. В парка са разположени множество алеи, паметници, фонтани, сцени на открито, музеи, аквариум, делфинариум, терариум и пр. Самото Морско казино също е в процес на възстановяване отново на статута му, на паметник на архитектурата и културно-историческото наследство на България, предвид осъществения му основен ремонт.

Brief history over the years

  • 1926 y.

    The intentions of Varna governing bodies at the age to establish the city as the French Riviera on the Balkans led to the construction of the Seaside Casino, which began in 1926 on design of architect Jelyazko Bogdanov, just 100 meters from the beach. In addition to its function of casino, the building established itself as a major cultural center of the city hosting numerous events during the period until 1944. Later the building itself contuse to play the role of a focal culture and entertainment center.
  • 1958 y.

    Following a fire in 1958 the building is reconstructed and expanded upon design of architect Minkov. Later during the years the building is subject to many renovations.
  • 1990 y.

    After 1990, the maintenance of the building is abandoned by the previous owners, whose reconstruction and overhaul projects are not approved, which nowadays requires a complete overhaul and reconstruction. Due to a mismanagement of the previous owners, the Sea Casino is temporarily withdrawed from the list of the Monuments of cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.
  • 2015 y.

    After the casino acquires a new owner - "Sea Garden Varna" EAD - in 2015 an architectural project was made and in Varna's Seaside Casino began a major overhaul and a complete reconstruction of the 90-year-old building. The project is approved by the Consultative Council for the Protection of the Real Cultural Heritage of the City of Varna and the National Institute for Real Cultural Heritage.
  • 2016 y. - 2017 y.

    From the beginning of 2016, until the end of 2017, the major overhaul and reconstruction was carried out with the use of highest quality contemporary architectural solutions and technologies, in combination with classic materials such as wood, stone and wrought iron. At the end of 2017, the building receives a Permission for Use.



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